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Berryland Farm
Welcome to the Berryland Farm website.  This site is for your use and benefit as a visitor or as a member of the Berryland Farm neighborhood.  Please feel free to look around.
1) If you are planning to put your home on the market, please first contact Berryland Farm's Architectural Review Board ("ARB") by clicking here to schedule a home inspection.  This is a critical first step.  When a home in Berryland Farm is listed for sale, an inspection of the property is conducted by a member of the ARB to determine whether the home conforms to the established design standards and whether modifications to the property have been approved by the ARB.  The homeowner is then notified of any violations and the remediation steps that need to be taken.  If there are issues, these need to be addressed, and the ARB will need to reinspect prior to issuing their final report.  Please be aware that a home is almost impossible to sell without ARB approval.
2) Once the home has received ARB approval, the final package of documents may be requested by contacting Tom Beahn here.
As of July 1, 2023, there is a $150 administrative fee charged for the inspection and resale certificate package.  We accept only checks in payment of the fees.  Checks should be made out to “BFHOA.”  The check must be presented at or before the time scheduled for receiving the resale certificate.  The resale certificate is delivered via email.
Please send an email to the Architectural Review Board here if you have any questions or desire special accommodations.
For more details, see the ARB section of our website.
For Association complaint procedure, click here.
Members, you can find contact information for specific Board and committee members here.
USER ACCOUNTS: Note that we can have only one account (already established) per household.  If you are having trouble logging in using your email address as the username, try the other email address for your household and request a new password if necessary.  If you still need help, contact the Communications Chair here.
If you have website-related questions, please contact our Webmaster here.
General questions not addressed above can be directed here.
Mailing address: Berryland Farm HOA, P.O. Box 3107, Oakton, VA 22124